* The group known as Tombstone Ghost Hunters or Tombstone                                
                                                       Paranormal Investigations are dedicated to the study of the afterlife.
                                                 * We DO stay true to history and take great pride in what we do. We do not                
                                                      see ghosts as a joke or toy. It is a serious aspect of life.  We strive to help                
                                                      people to learn educate and explore the theory of ghosts. Not much is                      
                                                      truly known about the idea of ghosts even though many studies and                         
                                                      groups have done many great tests.

                                                   * We are dedicated to helping people through their problem on a very                        
                                                       private level. Our experience has helped many people in many situations.                
                                                       Good and Bad.

*We are dedicated through our efforts to determine what causes an even at any given location, if it's haunted or
misunderstood as a natural and explainable occurrence.

*We promise to scrutinize our data collected to the fullest for the sake of our client! We care about the events in our
clients life and understand the care that needs to be taken under any haunting.

*We want our client to be comfortable, we are a family that you are a part of.
About Us
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