Because of the large amount of EVPs we collect, and the constant work, I decided to make our EVP page, This is a bit from random work we have done on request of the
owners that don't want a full investigation at the time, we do some sample work. These are from that work.
Cold Iron Gym: We had three sessions here, because pictures were forming on the floor that looked like fish, The owner wanted to be there, as she said that the "Ghosts"
follow her. You can here a girls voice come through, saying "I drew a picture" then "here" or "draw a picture" while the owner talked.
Private Full Session: I have looked online and have found some really distorted and crude sounding EVPs I decided to put up a full EVP session from Daves house to show
you what our normal conversation is like there, you might want to hook up you head phones, This is unedited and I only amplified it by 10db to hear it better.  Listen close,
"Click here for more on "Private" House."
OK Corral EVP: I have been in the OK Corral on several occasions. Most of the time, another group will come down, and I must stay the night with them and once and a
while I get to be more involved. This is one of those recordings, it's a small clip from a long session. It should be more of a possible EVP. Not a definite yes. It sounds like a
long sigh.
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