We have collected EVP recordings from our Website visitors. Some have granted us to share them for you. If you have collected recordings from Tombstone
or want to share your recordings, send them in to tombstoneghosthunters@gmail.com. We are excited to see what you go! When you submit your recordings
please let us know if you would like them shared here on this page!
Bird Cage Theater, The_Answer_Is_What:  You can hear talking in the background, but this one is very clear.  Haven’t a clue why the person in this one is
saying what he did. - Paula Davis
We got the same results, Good work.
Bird Cage Theater, Ten_Minutes:  This one sounds like a male saying, “ten minutes”.  Maybe a poker game was going to start in 10 minutes.  Or the tour.-
Paula Davis
They don't normally announce the tours like that, none that I have ever head anyway.
Was_it_this_room:  Again, not sure why this particular sentence was significant to the person saying it.  Unless he/she was talking to someone that the recorder
did not pick up.- Paula Davis
We are not sure on this one, it is fast. This is what it sounds like slowed down some. Was_it_this_room
Guest EVP
The Tombstone Ghost Hunters cannot endorse any of these recordings as "actual" EVPs. We have no way to test them for authenticity. We simply make them
available for you to hear. Many people that catch recordings love to hear what you think. Though they are not collected in a on our
message board.   We would all
love your thoughts!