The Bird Cage Face!
Thanks for the pic Toby! As you asked, I went and looked at the
area and couldn't find the reason for the image to be there. You
have a very keen eye to catch this. Most of the time these
"faces" would appear on things such mirrors and window. Those
types don't do much for me mainly because of how easy it is to
create from "smudges" and dirt, this face looks to be coming out
of the wood!! It's very nice!
I don't know if I sent these photos to you or not. So I was wanting to know if you could maybe look into this for
me so I know if I am seeing something or not. These photos were taking in the Bird Cage as soon as you walk in
the door on your right. The door at the top of the stairs where no one is allowed. Didn't know if you can get
permission to check out the door for me, to get a closer look, or not. The one pic is all distorted because I wanted
to get a better outline of the figure. But it is the same as the other pic. The good photo has small arrows pointing at
the figure. If you could maybe check this out I would be grateful for you doing so. Hope to hear back from you
Toby C.
Bird Cage Face, Real or Fake?

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