Bird Cage Lights
Birdcage theatre stagehand, well at least I think so. I honestly think its light reflecting off the piano.

Thanks for taking a look, get back at me soon!

This on is a little tough, because, there isn't anything to give off the light.  To me, I see what  would be a door slightly open
casting it's light into the room but, again there isn't a way for this to happen, considering the lay of the museum.  Only
because of how the light ravels down the piano, would I still stick to that theory, it also could have reflected from the outside
at the right time to create the light. I know it's a little far fetched but, it's still possible. Plus light is a great "Orb" maker and
you'll notice the amount of orbs around the lighting. Also the lighting stays consistent all the way up. I could be wrong, just
as simple but, I study lighting effects, so I can analyze these photos, to the best knowledge I can.
Thank you so much for the pic!
Click on the picture above for full image!!!
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BCT Lights, Real or Fake?

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