The BirdCage Stage
First off, thanks for sending in your picture! I really liked looking over this photo here.
There looks to be a lot going on. At first look ï¿¿I see the orbs around that never really
do much for me, as they can be created in a number of ways. I however noticed the
Look in the right corner on the stage in
front of the curtain. Do you see a lady?

Douglas Hebert,
middle of the stage. As you can see in the picture to the right, the white abnormality that covers the sign above it. The only other
thing I could say this was is lighting but, I don't think thats the case here. I have talked to employees many times and most have a
lot of the same stories of a "Stage Hand" from the 1880's that they see while closing up, either on the stage or behind it walking
around, they have learned to live with this in daily life. I have been inside took some readings and didn't come up with much on the
area but, only while it was daytime. More activity seems to be during the night while it is quiet and not many people are around. It's
not easy to schedule this. What you have here is a very nice picture that is difficult to deny that it's something! I have seen many
pictures of this type, mostly with the white transparent color, and such. I always enjoy these pictures and love to study what they
may hold. You have a great photo Douglas, thanks for sending it our way to share we'd love to see more!

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