Boothill Ghostly Visitors
When this picture was taken Juanita and I were the only ones left in the Boothill Cemetery at the time. We had stayed back and waited until all the other visitors had left,so we
could take some pictures without other people in them. We  do this so if a picture comes back with something in it like the above photo, we can  rule out that it is the image
of an accidental tourist walking through the picture.  This picture is taken of the right side area of the Boothill Cemetery.  There are a couple of images that appear to be inside
the tree line, they are dark images that are kinda spooky to look at.  They almost appear to be watching us. The next images you will see that I have enlarged them enough to
where the one on the right you can make out legs, arms, a hat, and someone even said it looks like there is something in his right hand.  The one on the left is a little harder
but he appears to be leaning forward as if to be peaking through the bushes. Please let me know what you think of the images.
Take Care,   
could come up! From what you said, you did everything right. But I have to say something so...        I have
seen many pictures with figures and shadows at Boothill, the first thing of course, is the fact, that it could be
somebody (tourist?) standing there. As you said though, you checked and no people were there when you
took the photo. Next, you have that the leaves might have created the image (I've seen it before) but, thats
not the case here. So you could have one said before, skeptics will have no problem fighting the fact. As I
said though, I have seen picture after picture of Boothill and seen a "shadow image." Most of the time he (or
she) wears a cowboy hat of sorts.  What you have here can be awesome! I should say, with your record,
you need to take your crew back and see what else you get, (from what I've seen, this spirit likes getting his
or her picture to be taken ;)
As always, Be Safe, Be careful.
BootHill Vistors, Real or Fake

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