Haunted History Tour
Thanks for the picture David and Karen! This one has been looked at over and over, The lights usually happen with a shaky hand while holding
the camera, though I have seen this a number of times, I could never explain why people come out so clearly? I know skeptically speaking that
most would write that off.

Now here is a part of the picture that caught my eye. See the figure standing at the backside? Well this is strange. Could be a ghost on the tour
or just displaced lighting? Either way there is a clear upright shadow standing there, and it's not something I have come across at all, until now

If anybody was wondering, this picture was taken on our ghost tour near Tombstones old Court House

Thanks again!
This is the one that is spooky.  I
don't know if it is the lights or not.
You look perfectly normal. I figured
if it was the lighting I would think
that would be kind of deformed
also. I'm not sure, but we didn't
know about this one until putting it
on the computer. And believe me I
don't know how to start redoing
pictures. Hell I can't even fix my
own pictures that are messed up.
Can you do them for me. LOL!!!
No but I thought you would like to
see this one!!!  Let me know what
you think about this one.
Thank you,
David & Karen Welter
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