The Park Picture
We went on your ghost tour last weekend.  I took a lot of pictures along the way, the picture is at the park by the OK Corral after the tour.  We walked into the park and within
about 30 seconds my husband stopped and asked if I heard anything, I didn't but, he said he heard a deep voice mumble something.  We walked a little further and my husband
was freaked out and wanted to leave. He left and I stayed behind, I had a feeling that I needed to take pictures of a tree, its the very first tree on your right when you walk into
the park, the same place my husband heard the voice.  I took a bunch of pictures, then my camera froze, I tried another one and it froze again, I must have taken one more after
that, but didn't realize it until we got home and stared looking through them and this is what we saw..........
Let me know what you think this is.  I know there were no lights on, except the light from the street.

The Picture is a bit fuzzy, and you can see the camera movement while it was taken... But, who really knows, about the light in the middle? Was there a reflection? Flash?  It's
up for onlookers, to look...
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