Sierra Vista Spirit?
Thanks for sending your picture Thomas! I guess the main question here is the fact of a reflection? If this
was the case, it is sure at a strange angle. I know of other things you claim to happen around your house,
and it would great to have a full investigation in your place. OK, so first I don't normally trust reflection
pictures, this one does however stand out due to the detail, also I'd like to know if you had a flash on at the
time? I know that Sierra Vista in general, is a young city, and that would explain the clothing style, but (If I
were you) I would do a little research and find out what kind of history your house might have. It could help
validate those strange happenings!

The picture was taken 1/18/07. It was my youngest boys B-day party. To the left of the pic is my
mother in law holding my nephew Cody. To the right is my oldest son Ethan and I think my sister in
law is in the original also on the right side. The picture was taken in the living room of my house.
The TV, DVD player, and receiver were all off at the time of the photo. Other then that as far as
what we were doing was just BS'n and hanging out. I just cropped it for better view.
Cya later.
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