Baghdad Ghost?
We have looked at this picture several times and still cannot
figure it out.  It was taken in Baghdad just some 3 months ago.
 Thought you might like trying to figure this one out. It was
taken during the day with a digital camera, and no the guy is
not holding a flashlight.  That is what someone said, do you see
a flashlight? He has a look on his face like he has felt something
or some caught off guard look.

Later, Candi
This is an AMAZING picture Candi! We here at TPI love it! Most of the time it's hard to say what
you might have here, at first we thought it might be a simple hair in front of the lens, No as you can
see, his hand clearly is in front of the light. I would never rule out that our men over there are have
family watching over them :)
Thank you so much for the pic!

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Bagdad Ghost, Real or Fake?

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