Boothill, Still Kicking!
Hey Josh, I know you just met me but I thought you may take an interest in this pic I took today!! This is
obviously Boothill. To the right hand corner you see a dark figure. I'm sad to say I caught a lady tourist in
the pic also, so it leaves me very skeptic on this pic. It could very well be someone following her. You know
today was not that cold so why would this figure have such a long coat on? Not only that its a very dark
figure and there is no reason for a shadow to cast over the whole body this way. (Its not covering the
woman) I didn't see a head either..So let me know what you think.

Here is (yet, another) shadow person picture! I had to do some cutting so you can see the shadow, that is in
the far back, if you click on the picture, you can see it in it's full size.

Now I have seen so many of these "Shadow People" pictures it's almost spooky. As you can see by the
shadow of the plants, it casts it's shadow to the back, the figure, (once again) doesn't seem to have a
shadow, or (after a very close look) have any light enough spots to make it known to be a tourist. Plus, I'm
so used to these pics...  I would think it's a person but, not as much as I used to. I seen a figure very, very
close to this same standing in a newspaper a few years back, and after some very long study, It does seem to
be missing a portion of it's head. Could it be because of the distance?
Thank you so much for the pic!

Click on the picture for the FULL image!!!
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