Julia Lowell's Ghost
If you ask any member of the group, they'll tell you what I
think of orbs! Most of the time, it's only dust. Thats me,
Digital cameras have a history of lens flares. Some say orbs
are how ghosts travel. I have even seen some saying that
orbs are trees souls traveling during the night (I have heard
that before) So it's still unknown if orbs can be an
abnormality, because there is such a simple explanation...
What do you think?
This picture is of an orb in the
Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee
right outside the door of Julia
Lowell's room who is one of the
ghost who haunts the hotel. A
member of our group was
standing outside door of the room
calling Julia's name then he felt
something touch the back of his
neck. I started taking pictures this
one came out with an orb.