Crystal Palace Shadow Man
This picture was taken while
we were on an investigation.
Now you might ask why it is in
this section? Well, we found
some flaws that we don't trust.
The picture was the last on the
roll, and few other things. Now
the picture was taken at the
Crystal Palace. Dave took this
35mm picture and after talking
to the owner, we found some
thing very Interesting!
We talked it over and stood to put it on this site under the guest photo section. Now the weird part, after seeing this picture, we
went back to the bar to see the chairs they own (as you can see on the bottom right) They were all flat topped and none were
curved. Well, after having a few words about that with the owner, he claimed they used to have that style of chair years ago! Now
what could we have here? Dave says he can see faces in the white part of the picture, as I see a black figure standing to the right.

I must say thanks to the Crystal Palace for letting us look around! And if you come to Tombstone I recommend you stop by and
say "Hi" and even snap a few pics to see what you get!