The Big Nose Kate's Picture
At first we looked at this picture and thought the camera moved. A simple mistake but, i got to
look at it closer. If you really look, you'll notice the light, is the only thing moved. The imaging
of the people are great and with no double imaging as in the Camping Picture. If you click on
it, you'll see the full sized image, so you might examine it yourself. Below I enlarged some
spots of interest. It was taken Christmas 2004. Of course you can see the lighting hooks the
same way but, even the white of the shirts don't cast the same pattern, actually no pattern at
Click on Picture to enlarge
If you look at this part of the picture, you'll see how the image of
the light clearly goes in front of the gentleman. Look past that and
look at the white shirt (that should have the same effect) it comes
out very clear and crisp. It's the same through the complete
picture. That's what caught our attention. We have not seen a
camera do this yet. We have not yet try to recreate the image, and
when we do, we will post our updates with the pictures we take.
I wanted to show this part as well, because you can see the
light clearly behind the one man and in front of the other.
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