Ghost at Old Montana State Prison?
I have a picture taken with a 35mm camera of a guard tunnel in Deer Lodge Montana Old Montana State prison.  I found a few sites
claiming paranormal activity and there were a few things that happened that I can't explain but I still want another point of view.  When
we got home from our vacation last August we developed our film and the one of the guard tunnel had a white shape next to Jim who
took the picture.  I took a picture of the same area and there was nothing.  I even checked the lighting just in case we got a shadow or
something from that but the lighting is actually dull.  The temp. was warm so no breath vapors either.  It's actually an outline of a body
but I'd like you to see for yourself.

Sandy Buhn,
We looked at this picture, and the only other thing we can
figure is a thumb being in front of the camera in some way (if
you used a flash) But, when I see those, they appear more
solid around the edges than yours, now digital cameras have a
better way of causing "lens flares" or "Orbs". I know it's a bit
off topic... Anyways, I wouldn't rule out the thumb idea
completely, I think you have a good picture here!
Thanks for sharing!
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