The Queen Mary Mist
Hi Josh I'm sure Candi told you I
visited the haunted Queen Mary
Ship last week. I got tons and tons
of pics w/ orbs in it but one pic sure
stood out. This was taken inside the
ship in one of the hallways that was
a hot spot for paranormal activities.
To me it seems like I captured a pic
of a apparition trying to form. I can
see 2 legs forming and  a torso.
This torso seemed to have
something coming out from its side
like it was holding something. On
the tour I found out that during the
world war 2 the Queen Mary
American soldiers Hitler had a
bounty on that ship. Many soldiers
died on the ship. To me the
apparition appears to be a soldier
carrying his weapon. There is no
smoking in that ship because its a
historical landmark so it
couldn't be smoke.

Candi did, and I wish I could have been there! Well, The picture is a good picture from
such a active place. I looked closely at the picture and had to play skeptic (of course.) First
check the  picture before and after for the case of moisture. Also I see what you saw to a
point, I try not to give the clouds faces :) In other words, the abnormality looks small, and
not large enough to be a man nor woman. Still, I'd love to see what else you found while on
your tour! Send it over my way, I can't wait to see more!
Thank you so much for the pic!

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