Who would be crazy enough to look for ghosts? Do we think that ghosts are really out there?  We want answers, so we go out to prove or disprove.  Well, theres a lot to
learn and perhaps we can learn from them.
Lead Investigator Joshua Hawley
The web master of this fantastic site :) I always wondered about what ghosts are and so I decided to create TPI and find out
answers for myself and many others.
A good friend and Hard worker,Jack loves a challenge and steps up nicely.  He is a strong part of the team, and has really pulled a lot of
work together to make things happen!
Investigator Jack Jackson
Melissa is a very dedicated woman in the paranormal and all aspects of life. Sweet and loving she loves her family and gives her heart
in the warmest way.
Investigator Melissa Hawley
James is dedicated to the paranormal with a passion. After experiencing his own very strange event he set out to learn as much as he
can from his new discovery with no stone left unturned.
Investigator James Hilton
Tim has always had a strong heart for learning about all his interests! History has alway been high on his list and he even aspired to
write several acclaimed books covering some of Tombstones most intriguing characters!
Historian/Research Tim Fattig